Video clips

New teaser (Oct 2014) for the film:

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Old four-minute trailer for the film:

Old three-and-a-half-minute trailer for the film:

Provisional new opening for the film (end February 2012):

Below, a shadow puppet performance for children, as referenced in the trailer, which renterprets the tale of Shahrazad and Shahriyar.  An older Egyptian tradition is being continued here – one which was also the inspiration for Lotte Reiniger’s groundbreaking 1926 animation THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED (of which clips also appear in the trailer).  This was recorded at Beit el Seheimy palace in Cairo in September 2010, three months before the Revolution.

Here is an impromptu filming moment: rising star Maryam Saleh, member of the El Warsha network, picked up her guitar in the El Warsha rehearsal space in dowtown Cairo and started singing…

For more ardent music listeners, a rough cut of the first movement of Rimsky-Korsakov’s SCHEHERAZADE suite as performed by the Turkish National Youth Orchestra under Cem Mansur and with Hande Kuden as lead violinist at the Aia Irini church, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 2010:

And the same of the fourth movement: